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Introducing Adétútù, the latest addition to our collection of luxurious and contemporary jewellery. Adétútù, which means "The gentle crown" in Yoruba, is a chunky bangle made with gold-plated stainless steel. The design is inspired by traditional African headpieces and carries a modern touch. Its durable and long-lasting material will ensure that it becomes a staple piece in your jewellery collection for years to come. Elevate any outfit with Adétútù and feel the power of a gentle crown on your wrist.




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Introducing DOLA's exquisite stacked bangle in gold plated stainless steel, named "Ọpẹ́" which beautifully translates to "Gratitude" in Yoruba. This stunning piece celebrates the richness of African heritage and the essence of being thankful. With its timeless design and intricate craftsmanship, "Ọpẹ́" bangle is a true masterpiece, perfect for expressing appreciation and embracing the beauty of African artistry. Elevate your style and show your gratitude with this unique and meaningful jewelry piece from DOLA.

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