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The Ayaba Collection,The Queen Collection.

DOLA’s latest fine jewellery collection is a clear statement of the brand’s philosophy and aesthetics. Translated in English ‘The Ayaba Collection’ reads ‘The Queen Collection’; and the message it wants to convey is that for DOLA every woman is a queen. This exclusive collection showcases bangles, bracelets, necklaces and earrings that are imbued with wealth, good fortune and dignity.

To wear Ayaba is to feel empowered; to adorn yourself with all beautiful things. Featuring diamonds, topazes, rubies and precious metals, this is DOLA’s most noble collection. Each piece has a Nigerian name that when translated further enhances the meaning and story behind each jewellery piece.

Wear DOLA and ethnic, elegant & mysterious aurea will surround you.

Jewellery for queens.



Now in October 2021 DOLA starts by releasing 2 pieces of it’s Ayaba Collection: the Adesewa Hoops and the Adedamola Studs. These can now be pre-ordered from our online shop on We currently sell and deliver exclusively in the UK; though on request we can arrange worldwide deliveries. All our pieces can be customisable according to your wishes.

In the next few months many more pieces from the Ayaba Collection will be released on our website.

Adesewa Hoops – The Beautiful Crown Hoops

DOLA’s Adesewa Hoops showcasing our iconic Queen’s face are a powerful pair of silver hoops, completely covered in gold for a final result that celebrates strong women. Meaning “beautiful crown” in the Yoruba language, these classic earrings are a jewellery box must-have. Simple enough to be worn every day, Adesewa Hoops make a perfect gift. Present to a loved one or keep for yourself. Sleek, polished, elegant.

Adedamola Studs – The Wealthy Crown Studs.

Bring a little bling into your life with DOLA’s Adedamola Studs. Meaning “wealthy crown” in the Yoruba language, these stylish earrings are imbued with luck. Crafted with unisex appeal, Adedamola Studs look great on women or men. Select a minimalist and sleek letter D. These studs are in 9 carat gol adorned with precious white topazes.

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