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Bespoke Jewellery: Power your Imagination and Bring it to Life

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Do you ever search for a style of jewellery that exactly expresses your personality with no result? Or maybe you have found something in stores that is almost what you would like but has one tiny detail you cannot just get past? If only it was in gold and not silver. You'll be glad to know that it is not just you. So, how can we turn that want and our imagination into reality?

It is simpler than you think. You can create your own bespoke jewellery design.

Bespoke jewellery is almost always the way to go and we will tell you why. Not only is it a chance to be involved in creating a piece that is completely your style, here are some reasons why bespoke jewellery might be a better option for you than store bought jewellery.

Unique Personalised Jewellery

The jewellery will be made exactly how you want it. With your style, your materials and also your budget in mind. You're turning your dream into a real piece. You know how we know that we are one of a kind and no one can bring what we bring into the world? That can be your jewellery too. It will be just for you.

High Quality

It ensures that the jewellery quality you buy meets your own standards. You receive exactly what you want not only in style but in quality too. You will be involved in all stages of making your piece from design, choosing materials, until receiving it.

Flexible Budget

Believe it or not, bespoke jewellery can actually be cheaper. You can work with your designer to meet your budget as there are several cost-cutting options available with bespoke jewellery that aren’t available with store bought jewellery. The price of your piece will be based entirely on the materials you have picked and you have expert jewellery and designers working within your budget.

Impressive Gift

It can be an amazing and personal gift option especially if your loved one has been trying to find a particular style of jewellery. Maybe you have heard them say “I saw something like it but if only it looked a little more like this or that”. Well, why not make it exactly how they want it?

At DOLA.NG we will help you create a bespoke piece with whatever materials you want. Our experts will walk with you through the journey of making the fantastic jewellery you deserve within your budget as well. Give us a call or drop a message here!

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