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Why is there a consultation fee?  The consultation fee goes to the 3D design we will create for you after the consultation. Do not worry the cost will be taken out of your total cost of jewellery.

Is the consultation fee refundable? Yes it is, if we have not created the 3D design yet. However, if the design has been created then there will be no refund.

What happens to my consultation fee after I pay for my jewellery? The cost of the consultation would be subtracted from the total cost of your bespoke DOLA jewellery.

Why do I pay a deposit? As commitment to the piece. The creation of a bespoke piece is like a relationship. You are trusting us with your unique design and we are trusting you too.

Why do I need a 3D design? That is the only way to get an exact cost of your piece as the designs help us know just how much metals or stones we will use for your piece.

How long does it take to get my piece? 3 - 6 weeks

Why does it take 3 - 6 weeks? This is because of all the quality control and checking with you along the way.

We ensure that every tier of the production process meets our impeccable standards. This is a piece to last a lifetime so we take our craftsmanship very seriously.

What to do if I have some other questions? Contact us on via email on  or call us on 020-3322-7882

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